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College students face accommodation crisis 18.08.15

DONEGAL students heading off to third level education are facing big accommodation challenges in college towns including high rents and lack of supply.
The national average rent between April and June was €934, compared to €860 a year previously, according to the latest rental report by Daft.ie.
And for the first time, rental inflation outside Dublin - at 8.7% - is greater than in the capital. Across the four other major urban centres, inflation in rents is also close to 10%, varying from 8.2% in Waterford and 8.9% in Limerick to 10.1% in Galway city and 10.4% in Cork.
Rental stock also remains extraordinarily tight with just 4,600 properties available to rent nationwide on August 1, 2015, compared to 6,800 on the same day a year previously, said Daft.
By comparison, on August 1, 2009, there were over 23,000 properties available to rent nationwide. Supply in the Dublin market has now been tight for nearly three years, with fewer than 2,000 properties on the market on average since late 2012.
In the three Ulster counties, rents rose by an average of 5.6% in the year to March 2015, compared to largely stable rents a year previously. In Donegal, rents were on average 3.7% higher in the second quarter of 2015 than a year previously. The average advertised rent is now €515, up 6% from their lowest point in 2013.
Daft.ie economist Ronan Lyons said: “As students prepare for entering higher education, or returning from their summer break, they will find conditions every bit as tight as a year ago in Dublin – and in some places in the country even tighter," he said.
Ronan Lyons.
Year-on-year changes in rents in the major cities:
Dublin: €1,368, up 8.5%
Galway: €818, up 10.1%
Cork: €889, up 10.4%
Limerick: €718, up 8.9%
Waterford: €629, up 8.2%
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