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Donegal ‘Dulux dog’ loses his weathershield 08.02.15

by Linda McGrory

THEY'VE become known as 'the Dulux dog' due to their associations with coats of paint but have you ever wondered what they look like without their own weathershield?
Meet Old English Sheepdog Max whose fur had become so messy and matted, he had to have it completely shaved off last week.
His unveiling revealed a few surprises – not only his Labrador-like looks but two different coloured eyes - one icy blue, the other brown.
The three-year old rescue dog is currently in the care of Donegal Pet Rescue who stressed that the gorgeous pet had not been cruelly treated.
Max before and after.
His foster carer Noel Friel told Inishowen News it was simply a case of a "high-maintenance" breed in the wrong setting.
"Max was placed in a good home about a year ago but he just didn't settle. He had a fenced acre of land to run about in but he wasn't happy," said Mr Friel.
"He just paced up and down the whole time and with the recent snow and wet weather, his coat got out of hand and really messy and dirty very quickly.
"He was well looked after and is in good health but it's just the grooming that was the problem. His owners couldn't bear to see him suffer any longer."
Handsome Max is now looking for a home with experience of large dogs in need of regular maintenance.
Old English sheepdogs are known for their long, flyaway coats.
They were originally bred as working dogs to herd sheep although few are used for that purpose now.
They are known to be intelligent and sociable and may lovably try to 'herd' their owners.
The breed requires daily brushing, with professional grooming recommended every six weeks.
"Max is a lovely, sweet boy and is good with other dogs and children but not very young children because he's big and strong. He has a habit of jumping up on you but we are currently working on this," said Mr Friel. You can contact Donegal Pet Rescue via Facebook .
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