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Don't let your dog pollute the environment 09.06.15

LITTER wardens have been out again in Inishowen highlighting the problems associated with people allowing their dogs to foul public parks and walkways.
Inishowen municipal district litter warden Pearse McCrory, his colleague Brian McBrearty and one of the council’s dog wardens, Jackie Murphy, recently visited The Green and Shore Walk in Moville and Swan Park and Shore Path to Stragill Strand in Buncrana.
They spent two hours in each area talking to passers by about the need to keep all areas clean and free from dog foul.
One of the new dog waste bins on the walkway to Ned's Point, Buncrana.
According to Pearse, they met with a favourable response as people appreciated they were carrying out an important task.
“When we explained what we were doing and the dangers associated with dog fouling the people we met, including many out for a walk with their dog, were very receptive and said they supported what we were doing. No one took offence to being asked to use a poop scoop or bag to take their dog’s litter home,” he said.
He added this was not a one off inspection.
“We will be dropping in on various areas if we receive complaints from the public. There are a few special plastic bins now in place for the poop and we hope people will use them,” added Pearse.
Remember if it’s your dog, it’s your responsibility.
Dog waste pollutes our water and poses a health risk to pets and people especially children.
One dog's fouling might not seem like a lot. However, Donegal has thousands of dogs and when not disposed of properly, their waste washes into local waterways and causes problems such as roundworms and salmonella. It affects water quality and can reduce the oxygen supply to fish in our waterways.
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