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It’s lucky 13 for Daniel and Majella 04.11.15

A ROMANTIC rumba could be on the cards for Daniel and Majella O'Donnell today as they celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary.
The golden couple will mark their marriage milestone as they relax at their Canary Islands holiday home after a "hectic" few weeks in Ireland and the UK where Daniel took part in Strictly Come Dancing.
He was the third celebrity to be voted off the competition but says he was delighted to become a better dancer during the gruelling process.
Today’s anniversary will be a first for Daniel (53) and Majella (55) since their November 2002 wedding as they celebrate at home without the demands of the singer's touring schedule. Daniel’s sabbatical from touring continues until August 2016.
"It is the first time since we got married that we have actually been off and not travelling," he said.
Meanwhile, Daniel is celebrating on the double after his new album 'The Hank Williams Songbook' debuted high in the British charts last week.
"It went in at Number 5 in the UK charts making this the 28th year in succession that I have had an album in the charts there.
"I’m delighted to say that it has entered the charts in every other country it has been released in too," the singer told fans via his official website yesterday.
Majella and Daniel pictured at their holiday villa in the Canary Islands.
And in a recent BBC radio interview to publicise the new album, Daniel also remarked that he and Majella are very fortunate to enjoy financial security at this stage of their lives.
Recent accounts showed that accumulated profits at the singer's entertainment company topped almost €3 million last year.
Meanwhile, the ‘Danjella’ brand continues to flourish. The singer said they "can't believe" the huge reaction they’re getting to their new B&B travel show on UTV Ireland.
"All we wanted was that you would enjoy it as much as we did and I think you are," he added.
The couple are now looking forward to being joined at their holiday villa next week by three-month old grand-daughter Olivia and her mum and dad Siobhan and Gavin.
Daniel said he is "really glad of the rest" after the past six weeks which were “so hectic and so exciting”.
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