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Daniel and Majella embark on long-awaited break 16.02.15

GOLDEN couple Daniel and Majella O'Donnell have cleared their diaries for the next 18 months as the two prepare to spend some long-awaited quality time together.
The Donegal singer (53) has embarked on his extended sabbatical from music after ending a week-long residency on a cruise ship in the Caribbean on Saturday.
He is now on his way to join cancer survivor Majella (54) at their holiday villa in sunny Tenerife where the pair will relax and discuss how to spend their new-found leisure time.
Majella and Daniel pictured at their holiday villa in the Canary Islands.
Majella's diary has become almost as busy as her husbandís in recent years.
Her searingly honest portrayals of her battles both with depression and breast cancer have seen her become a beacon of hope for thousands of people at home and abroad.
She has also become a published author and founder of a mental health charity, and is in huge demand for celebrity appearances and speaking engagements.
In response to one such invitation via social media at the weekend, Majella tweeted:
"Unfortunately, not for the foreseeable future. I'm out of the country most of the next 18 months."
Daniel shocked fans last year when he announced he would take the first ever extended break of his 30-year music career, after finishing his stint on the Gertrude Byrne Caribbean cruise.
He said Majella's cancer diagnosis made them both realise that "life is short". Three months after the announcement, the singerís beloved mother Julia passed away, aged 94.
"For me this was a very big decision but there are a number of things that Majella and I want to do and even if we live to be 90 (which I hope we do) I donít want to have to say 'I wish we took the time to do such and such'," he told fans.
"I want to stress that this is not retirement, itís just a sabbatical," he added.
Travel for leisure and a few visits to the fairways for golf-loving Daniel, are likely to be on the cards.
In the meantime, the only engagement pencilled in for Daniel is a trip home in May to raise funds for Dungloe hospital where his mother was treated. Fans will have to wait until 2016 before he tours again.
The popular performer will kick off his post-sabbatical tour at the INEC, Killarney, in August 2016.
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