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Donegal welcomes 'Cool' yacht route 19.08.15

DONEGAL County Councilís role in promoting a major new tourist initiative received a major boost this week with the launch of the project's website.
The Cool Route project investigates the logistics and business potential of establishing a yacht cruising route along the west coast of Ireland, the north and western Scotland, onwards to the Faroe Islands and Norway.
The new sea route will be marketed internationally and will have a common branding, booking and information system. The project will also address the future legacy of its work; by ensuring that the Cool Route continues as a viable self-financing economic entity, following the completion of the project.
Donegal County Council has responsibility for the communications element of the Cool Route project and is delighted that the new website is now live.
Joy Harron of Donegal Tourism said: "The new project Cool Route website is an excellent resource for those who wish to find out more about the project, to get involved and to keep up to date with the latest news."
Joy Harron of Donegal Tourism Ltd., which is involved in the new Cool Route yacht tourism initiative.
See www.sailcoolroute.eu for more details.
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