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5,000 workers to be hired for Census 2016 10.08.15

MORE than 5,000 temporary part-time workers are to be recruited next year to collect data under the national Census 2016.
Donegal will need approximately 200 enumerators for the census of population to be held on Sunday, April 24, 2016.
About 33 of these will be required in Inishowen which is divided into three census field districts (east, west and south).
The Central Statistics Office (CSO) had some difficulty recruiting enough candidates in Donegal during the last census, five years ago.
It will launch its campaign next month to recruit 430 field supervisors.
A further competition will open in January 2016 to hire 4,700 census enumerators nationally.
The first phase of the competition to hire 50 senior managers has closed.
The official census of population is an account of everybody living in the State on that day.
Census enumerators will get a short-term contract requiring them to work a minimum of about 22 hours a week, mostly evenings and weekends, over an 8-10 week period.
Successful candidates in 2011 were paid an average of about 2,200 including a training allowance, Sunday working and completion bonus.
Enumerators are required to deliver census forms to dwellings in their catchment areas in the month before the count.
The form must be completed by the household to account for each person living there and is collected again by the enumerator.
Everybody must be included on the official record "including people staying with friends or relatives, staying in a hotel, hospital, guesthouse or on board a vessel," according to the CSO.
It is an offence not to take part in the census.
The last census showed that Ireland's population stood at 4,588,252 with just over 98 males to every 100 females.
Census 2011 also revealed that the number of divorced people was almost 88,000 while more than 514,000 Irish residents spoke a foreign language at home. For more information see www.census.ie .
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