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Inishowen priests on the move 17.08.15

THE Catholic Bishop of Derry, Dr Donal McKeown has announced a number of clerical changes and retirements that will come into effect throughout the diocese including Inishowen this Friday, August 21.
The following is the full list of the changes:
Fr. Brian Brady, PP Errigal, to be PP Clonmany and PP Culdaff, residing in Clonmany, as well as Vicar Forane for the Inishowen Deanery;
Fr. James McGrory, Judicial Vicar of the Armagh Regional Marriage Tribunal, to be CC Clonmany and CC Culdaff, residing in Culdaff;
Fr. Fintan Diggin, PP Clonmany, to be PP Errigal;
Fr. James McGonagle, PP Culdaff and Vicar Forane for the Inishowen Deanery, to retire;
Fr. George Doherty, CC Desertegney and Lower Fahan, to retire.
Fr. Gerard Sweeney, PP Ardstraw East (Newtownstewart), to be PP Leckpatrick;
Bishop Donal McKeown has announced a round of clerical changes for the Derry Diocese.
Fr. Brian Donnelly, PP Badoney Upper, to be, in addition, PP Ardstraw East (Newtownstewart), residing in Badoney Upper;
Fr. Peter Madden, PP Desertmartin, to be, in addition, PP Ballinascreen, residing in Ballinascreen;
Fr. Seamus Kelly, PP Ballinascreen, to be PP Dungiven;
Fr. Eamon Graham, PP Banagher, to be Administrator Templemore (Long Tower);
Fr. Eugene Hasson, PP Greencastle (Tyrone), to be PP Lavey (Termoneeny) and PP Greenlough, residing in Lavey;
Fr. Michael Porter, PP Leckpatrick, to be PP Urney and Castlefin;
Fr. Patrick Baker, PP Lavey (Termoneeny), to be PP Banagher;
Fr. Edward Gallagher, Administrator Templemore (Long Tower) to be PP Greencastle (Tyrone).
Fr. Aidan Mullan, PP Dungiven, to retire as Parish Priest and become CC Three Patrons;
Fr. Oliver Crilly, PP Greenlough, to retire as Parish Priest and become Priest-in-Residence Urney and Castlefin;
Fr. Brian McGoldrick, PP Urney and Castlefin, to retire;
Fr. Paul Fraser, returning from Arundel and Brighton, to be CC Creggan;
Fr. Dermott Harkin, CC Ardstraw West and Castlederg, to be CC Lavey and CC Greenlough, residing in Greenlough;
Fr. Roland Colhoun, CC Glendermott and CC Strathfoyle, to be CC Badoney Upper and CC Ardstraw East (Newtownstewart), residing in Ardstraw East (Newtownstewart);
Fr. Seán O’Donnell, newly ordained, to be CC Glendermott and CC Strathfoyle;
Fr. Francis Lynch OP, on loan to the Diocese of Derry and currently CC Urney and Castlefin, to be CC Ballinascreen and CC Desertmartin, residing in Desertmartin.
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