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Clonmany man's ode to an Avensis 19.06.15

by Linda McGrory

IT'S difficult to wax lyrical about a solid family car - even more so when that car is a 14-year old Toyota Avensis with 200,000km on the clock.
But one such motor has been elevated to new heights thanks to the eloquence of a Clonmany man who has written a poignant farewell to the "old family member" as it goes up for sale on Done Deal.
The 14-year old Toyota Avensis is now for sale on Done Deal.
Shaun Doherty (27) takes us on a journey of the trusty blue-green motor's twelve years in the family – from the happy summer holidays it took them on as kids to college drop-offs in their late teens and, when he was old enough to drive himself, how it played host to some youthful romancing down country lanes.
Shaun who, along with many friends on the Tour for Shaun, helped raise more than €50,000 for two Irish cancer charities last year, also mentions his trips to hospital taken in the car while he received treatment for the disease.
The civil engineer from Cleagh, Clonmany, is now “keeping good” and is looking forward to getting married next week.
Shaun’s plumber dad Conal, who bought the Avensis in 2003, put it up for sale on Done Deal earlier this week with a price tag of 850 euro.
Meanwhile, Shaun followed it up with a poetic Facebook post that has been going down a treat with his friends. Here it is in full:
Shaun Doherty leads the Tour for Shaun cyclists into his home village of Clonmany in June 2014.
She's seen us on family holidays, college drops, star gazing and dog walks.
Hospital runs by the trailer-load and occasional courts (kisses) down weary roads.
Guitars and amps have filled her and singing drunks have willed her to merry nights we wished would never, ever end in her back seats...only those who missed the 'shot gun' shout due to a waking sleep.
But we are told that all good things must come to their end eventually, but fear not my old friend, my old family member.
For 'tis to a new home you go - maybe not covering such a significant part of another family and their tales.
But joy you'll bring regardless - through smiles and without a doubt, ails.
Basically - she's a fine car, and good health to whomever has the fortune of calling her 'mine'.
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