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Ryan's VRT victory hailed 24.03.14

PEOPLE who borrow a Northern Ireland car for temporary use in Donegal should not in future have it seized nor have heavy fines imposed thanks to an Inishowen campaigner.
Ryan Stewart won a number of judgements in the European Court of Justice with recent confirmation of the decision by the European Commission.
Independent MEP Marian Harkin today congratulated the Carndonagh-based protestor who first presented a petition in 2010. She said the decision would prove of particular value to those engaging in cross border social activities.
“There has been an ongoing and vexatious issue in the border areas, in particular, where Northern Ireland registered cars on loan have been subjected to seizure and not released until heavy fines were paid,” said Ms Harkin.
However a successful petition to the European Commission by Mr Stewart, supported by her, now means that Irish legislation is an error, she said.
Ryan Stewart.
The European Commission decision now means that when a car is being temporarily used in the Republic it is not subject to VRT because loaned cars are deemed to fall under the free movement of capital.
“The European Commission in its judgement has stated that if a vehicle is not intended to be used essentially in a member state on a permanent basis then it should be exempted from a registration tax in that member state," added Ms Harkin.
“Because of these recent court judgements we need to look again at the legislation that applies in these circumstances in Ireland and amend that legislation so that it complies with European case law."
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