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Fishing funds now open for applications 06.02.14

FISHING communities are being advised that the 2014 Salmon Conservation Fund (SCF), the Midland Fisheries Fund (MFF) and the once-off Co-op Fund are now open for applications.
A total of 410,000 is being made available to conserve and develop the inland fisheries resource.
Minister Fergus O Dowd said the schemes would facilitate clubs, fishery owners, commercial salmon fishers and other organisations to undertake works to improve habitat, stocks, access, invasive species management and angling etc under the supervision and direction of IFI.
"I encourage all those interested in fisheries to investigate the possibilities under the various schemes to conserve, develop and promote the resources in their care for the betterment of angling, the inland fisheries resource itself and Irelands economy," he said.
The Salmon Conservation Scheme is now seven years in existence and has allocated funding to 145 salmon projects all around Ireland. 200,000 is available for distribution under the scheme in 2014. Application forms are available on www.fisheriesireland.ie .
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