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Touching scenes as Moville people try to save porpoise 25.02.14

by Linda McGrory

BRAVE efforts are underway to try and save an injured baby porpoise that became stranded in stormy seas in Moville today.
The young mammal, which appears to have suffered an injury near its tail fin, was discovered along the shores of Lough Foyle near the town centre about 2.30pm.
Local residents managed to get the three-foot long creature back to sea but high winds and strong waves washed it back into the nearby tributary, the Bredagh river.
Anthony Craig found the porpoise as he walked his dog near his home at River Row.
Moville man Anthony Craig attempts to carry the injured baby porpoise to safety at Lough Foyle, Moville on Tuesday afternoon. Hopes were fading tonight for the creature which subsequently washed into the nearby tributary, the Bredagh river and was barely visible in the dark water as night fell. Photo: Trish Murphy.
"I was out walking about half-two when the dog pulled me over towards the rocks. It seemed to be sniffing something out and when I went over to look there was a young porpoise lying there - it seemed in bad shape," said Mr Craig.
"I ran to the house for a bucket and when we got back we started to throw buckets of sea water around him. He came around and got a bit of life about him then," said Mr Craig.
"We then pushed him out into the sea but the winds were very high and the waves were too strong and kept washing him back in. The waves washed him into the Bredagh river and he has been moving up and down the river since about half-three today.
The stranded baby porpoise languishes in the Bredagh river.
Meanwhile, brave local student Rhea McLaughlin, who is studying to be a vet, got into the river to try and support the injured creature.
Mr Craig added: "He is trying to swim in a mixture of salt water from the Foyle and the river water so I don't think it is the right environment for him. He seems to be getting weaker by the minute and hes slowing down a good bit. It's sad," added Mr Craig. As night fell, River Row residents including music festival organiser Gerry McLaughlin were keeping a close watch on the creature. Attempts were again made to guide the mammal out to sea in the darkness but it was "very weak". As hopes faded for its survival, residents said they would check the area at first light.
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