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Cars' mileage to be printed for first time on NCT certs 28.07.14

A CAR'S mileage is to be printed on NCT certificates under changes being introduced to the system from today.
The new odometer readings are being introduced as a consumer protection measure in a bid to prevent drivers being ripped off with clocked second-hand cars.
A maximum of three odometer readings will appear on the NCT certs of the future.
But the readings will give motorists planning on buying a second hand car, more information about a car's useage and history over the course of its previous three NCT tests.
Meanwhile, car owners and traders who wish to present vehicles for inspection earlier than the previous norm of 90 days before the NCT due date, will now be allowed to do so.
The move has been introduced following lobbying by the motor retail industry and will allow a vehicle to receive a two-year certificate - or one-year for decade old and older vehicles - from the date it passes the test.
It will also benefit motorists whose cars are coming up to their tenth anniversary inspection.
Those presenting early for the tenth anniversary inspection will get a two-year rather than the one-year certificate, provided the vehicle passes the test.
"In order for a vehicle to be considered as presented voluntarily early, it must currently have an in-date, valid NCT test certificate or be younger than four years-90 days," operators Applus said in a statement.
"This change is being introduced as members of the retail trade have lobbied for it as they see an advantage in being able to sell a vehicle with a full two year (or one year) certificate," Applus added.
Meanwhile, in future, only a trade fob or driving licence will be deemed acceptable as a form of identification for traders looking for a short notice booking appointment.
"This measure is being introduced to bring greater transparency to transactions carried out in the test centre," Applus said.
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