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Half of cars fail NCT test 11.07.14

A TOTAL of 2,646 cars that underwent the NCT car test nationally in the first six months of this year were deemed dangerously un-roadworthy, new figures show.
The half-year statistics published yesterday by operator Applus, also show that more cars failed than passed the NCT in the period from January to June.
A total of 754,192 vehicles were tested in the first half of this year.
And going on yesterday's figures, cars presented for testing are set to top the 1.5 million mark this year for the first time in the test's history.
Of those presented so far this year, 381,822, or 50.6 per cent, failed the test with a further 2,646 vehicles deemed 'dangerous'.
Some 369,724, or 49 per cent of vehicles, passed the test first time.
Of the 371,299 vehicles that subsequently underwent a re-test from January to June, slightly over 91 per cent, or 338,490, passed. Some 32,363 failed a second time while 446 vehicles were again deemed too dangerous to drive.
Cars going through the test this year are 2010, 2008, 2006 and vehicles that are ten years and older.
The figures for 2014 continue a year-on-year rising trend in the number of cars presented for testing as people hold on to older cars during the downturn.
Nearly 500,000 more cars were put through the NCT last year compared to the height of the boom seven years ago.
The number of tests first broke the 1 million mark in 2012 with 1,067,985 vehicles tested.
Meanwhile, new car sales so far this year have surpassed the entire number of sales for the whole of 2013.
The Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) revealed that as of Wednesday last, 74,911 new cars had been sold so far this year, a 28 per cent rise on the same period last year and ahead of the whole of last year.
One week into the new 142 registration period, 9,207 new cars have been sold, an increase of 79 per cent on last year, the organisation said.
SIMI director general Alan Nolan said July was on target to be the busiest for car sales in many years.
"The second year of the July plate change has seen customers, both business and retail, become more comfortable with the dual plate concept, he said.
"In fact, the first day of the 142 plate was the best day for car sales in six years, since before the recession. We still need to see this improvement in context, though. It is still potentially fragile and even with the growth we have seen, we are still likely to finish around 60 per cent of the pre-recession market, he added.
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