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Donegal nets 120 marine food jobs 02.04.14

UP to 120 jobs are being created with the development of a €35 million marine food factory in Killybegs.
The Killybegs Fishermen’s Organisation (KFO) has joined forces with Norwegian partner Biomarine Science Technology (BST) in a proposal to develop the world’s largest bio-marine ingredients facility The proposed project will result in the creation of up to 50 jobs during the construction phase and a further 70 direct and indirect jobs when it goes into full production in 2016.
The facility will be used to extract high-end proteins, oils and calcium from fish for use as food ingredients. These include valuable marine proteins as well as lipids, which are naturally occurring molecules and fat-soluble vitamins. The proposed plant also has the potential to produce supplements for athletes.
“This proposed new facility can become a game-changer in the seafood sector positioning Killybegs and Ireland as a global leader in supply and research around new products and benefits from protein, oils and calcium associated with the sea," said KFO chief executive Sean O’Donoghue.
“Diversification and the establishment of new high-value activities such as this, is a key part of our remit. By forging an alliance with BST we are partnering with a firm with many years of experience in pharmaceutical, marine biotech and international commodity business.”
A site has been identified for the proposed new facility subject to planning permission and state aid. The plant will have the capacity to process up to 50,000 tonnes of raw material annually. While boarfish will be the primary source of raw material, the facility will also be able to utilise other species such as blue whiting.
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