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"I'm not Daniel's mum" - Margo debunks myth 29.09.14

COUNTRY legend Margo has debunked the long-running rumour that she is Daniel O’Donnell’s mother.
The Donegal singer (63) said she was only 10-years old when Daniel was born and the birth would have been “a miracle".
"Rumours about being pregnant or having children were to continue throughout my life including that I was Daniel's mother rather than his older sister - this despite the fact that there are only ten years' difference between us in age, so it would have been classed as something of a miracle if I were his mother," she reveals in her new memoir.
The country star also tackled the rumour on Friday's 'Late, Late Show'. She told Ryan Tubridy the gossip didn't bother her but she feared it would hurt their mother Julia, who had Daniel when she was 42 years old.
Margo who never married or had children, also denied that she is gay.
She said she has many dear friends who are gay but told a bemused Tubridy: "Bread on bread is dry eating.” She said her lifelong dream was to marry and have children.
Her tell-all book: ‘Margo Queen of Country & Irish: The Promise and the Dream’ reveals how she had to overcome severe stage fright in the course of her 50 year music career.
It also recounts how she was sexually assaulted as she recovered from injuries sustained in a road accident in 1971.
The incident left her "feeling dirty" and contributed to an addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs that would dog her for many years.
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