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Margo: “I suffered sex attack as young singer” 24.09.14

IRISH country star Margo O'Donnell has bravely revealed how she suffered an horrific sex attack as a vulnerable young singer touring Ireland in the 1970s.
The legendary Donegal performer, then aged just 20, was on medication for injuries she suffered in a road accident and was having blackouts when the attack happened one night after she came off stage.
“After singing one night, I felt dizzy and had one of my blackouts and as I was coming round, this man, whom I knew, was performing a lewd act in my presence and though I was never physically raped, I was forced to perform a sex act on this person,” the 63-year old reveals in her compelling new autobiography.
Margo, who was teetotal at the time, said the one-off incident in 1971 destroyed her self esteem. “Abuse can take many forms and this event affected me very badly,” she tells readers.
The young singer’s distress was further compounded the same decade when someone in showbiz suggested her career prospects would improve if she “sexually obliged him”.
“I ran so scared I wanted to die. I believe that sort of thing happens right up to the present day, but I am proud to say I never slept my way to the top,” she said, crediting the devoted fans who helped her succeed in the industry.
Her tell-all book: ‘Margo Queen of Country & Irish: The Promise and the Dream’, was released on Monday by O’Brien Press. The 192-page memoir recounts the entertainer’s descent into alcoholism after sampling her first drink at the age of 23.
It tells how she bought a hotel in her native county at just 27 and how she lost her life savings in a financial investment. The enduring star, who never married or had children, also tackles head-on the many cruel rumours that plagued her early life. And she recounts her long slow journey to sobriety.
Margo, who is the sister of entertainer Daniel, describes her love for her youngest brother and her pride at his achievements.
The country star also outlines her joy at getting her mother Julia's blessing for her warts-and-all life story before she died, aged 94, last May.
“I read for her every word I wrote in this book. I wanted her blessing on it all and I got that from her, and for that I’m grateful," she said.
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