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Country star Margo suffers heart attack after mother's death 16.06.14

GRIEVING Irish country star Margo O'Donnell has revealed she suffered a heart attack after the recent death of her beloved mother Julia.
The Donegal singer – and older sister of entertainer Daniel - said a build-up of stress and anxiety brought on the attack which struck about two weeks after their mum passed away last month.
Margo (63) expressed relief that medics have told her she has suffered no long-term damage as a result of the attack and is now under doctors' orders to "take things easy".
"I am feeling a lot better now after my attack. It was a mild heart attack caused by anxiety and stress," said the singer.
"Luckily there was little damage and no blocked arteries so I feel very lucky."
Daniel, Margo and their three siblings have been trying to come to terms with the death of Julia (94) on May 18.
Daniel (52), who is currently on his way home after finishing a three-week tour of North America, described how his mother's memory had helped him to go on stage each evening.
"I have to say I have felt a great sense of peace each night on stage. I know in my heart it’s what (Mam) would have wanted me to do," he told fans.
Meanwhile, Margo, who is putting the finishing touches to her “warts and all” autobiography, said she has now been told to rest to protect her health.
"I will have to take things easy and rest, that's what my doctor ordered," she told her Facebook followers.
The popular country music siblings have been buoyed up by thousands of messages of love and support from their many fans since Julia passed away at Dungloe Community Hospital.
Daniel's heartfelt message to fans in which he reveals he thought his mum would "live forever", has received a whopping 14,000 likes and more than 2,000 comments on his Facebook page.
An American fan who attended one of his recent concerts in Pennsylvania, told him his mother had been "blessed to have such adoring children".
"The salute to your wonderful mother was very moving," she said.
Meanwhile, one of Margo's fans told her: "Your mam is resting happy because she knows you are loved very much. Be happy for her and let her go. Your health will improve. You are a very good person."
Julia O’Donnell’s month's mind mass will be held at St Mary's Church, Kincasslagh, on Friday, June 27 at 7pm.
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