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Majella feeling "great" after double mastectomy 19.02.14

BRAVE Majella O'Donnell has released a public statement and photograph from her hospital bed today revealing how she has undergone a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. Here is Majella's message in full - published earlier on her husband Daniel's official website.
"I thought it was about time that I sent you an update on how I am doing, now that everything is over.
Well, itís been a very difficult 7 months between being diagnosed with cancer and my wonderful dad passing away very suddenly. As Daniel has already told you, I had a lumpectomy in July and started chemotherapy in September. I am now in hospital on day 5 after surgery for a double mastectomy with reconstruction. I feel great, thank God! Itís so good to be this far down the road and to know that all I have to do now is rest and heal.
Majella O'Donnell pictured in hospital today.
What I want to tell you all at this stage is how very grateful I am to every one of you for everything you have done for me over the last few months. Please do not think that, because you havenít heard from me, your kindness has gone unnoticed. All your prayers, good wishes, donations, gifts, mass cards, and sacred relics have been of great comfort to me. I consider myself very lucky to have so many people batting for me! I can honestly say that Iím out the ďother sideĒ and in good health again. Please forgive me for not answering you all personally but it would have been impossible. There have been 1,000's of communications and every one was so sincerely appreciated and welcomed. I donít want to go on about it too much but please know that I will never forget your kindness."
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