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“I rang social services for my kids’ sake” - Majella 19.11.14

MAJELLA O'Donnell has revealed she rang social services terrified she wasn't coping as a mother to her two young children.
Majella (54), wife of singer Daniel (52), said depression robbed her of the precious moments she should have been relishing when her children Siobhan (26) and Michael (23) were toddlers.
Feeling helpless, she finally picked up the phone to social services in England after she locked herself in the bathroom away from her kids.
"Here I was with my two beautiful babies and I just couldn't cope.
I felt like a three-year old and I just phoned (social services) and said 'hands-up I can't cope, please will somebody come and help'," she said.
"I was inside in the toilet with the door locked with a three-year old banging on it saying 'let me in'."
Majella, who was in her 20s when she had her son and daughter with her first husband, said she wished she could get back those lost moments of motherhood.
"I would give anything to have my kids at that age again, in a very healthy place, so I could cuddle them and squeeze them and just be close to them," she told 'The Magazine' on UTV.
 Majella O'Donnell.
Majella, who believes she will be on anti-depressants for the rest of her life, also reiterated that breast cancer was easier for her to deal with than depression.
Happily, she is now cancer-free after a 15-month battle with the disease.
"I found depression is a far more difficult thing to deal with than cancer because a cancer is a thing…you can visual it, you can cut it out, you can chemo it, you can radiate it," she said.
"When you get depression, it's really hard to describe never mind somebody treating it, when you can't even tell them what the hell it is that you're feeling or going through."
Majella is currently enjoying huge success with her new memoir 'It's All in the Head'.
She and Daniel recently celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary in Branson, Missouri, where the Donegal crooner has been playing a month-long residency at the Andy Williams Moon River Theatre.
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