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Inishowen TD calls for water vote 20.11.14

INISHOWEN T.D., Pádraig MacLochlainn has called for a referendum to ensure the Irish water service remains in public ownership.
He was speaking during a second stage debate on a Sinn Féin Bill, which if passed, would initiate a referendum proposing to amend the Constitution in order to retain the water services in public ownership.
The Government yesterday attempted to assuage the nation in relation to the controversial domestic water rates by announcing changes to the pricing structure.
Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly told the Dáil the water charges would be €60 for households with one adult and €160 for all others, when a €100 allowance is deducted.
He said the rates would be considered "fair" by the majority of people, adding that they would remain in place until early 2019.
Meanwhile, Deputy MacLochlainn called for a public vote on privatisation and the abolition of the charges.
“Sinn Féin is seeking to ensure that the water service will not be privatised.
“We propose to amend Article 40 to insert a new section which would ensure that the State would recognise safe water as a fundamental right and that water services would remain in public ownership," he said.
Deputy Pádraig MacLochlainn.
“Water is a right for all our citizens. Water charges being implemented by this Government are unnecessary, unjust and will cause huge hardship to families and communities who have already been devastated by the Government’s relentless pursuit of the austerity agenda.
“Water charges must be abolished and it is of vital importance that a referendum be called to protect the public ownership of water.”
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