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Irish drivers among internet sensations 06.01.14

IRISH drivers - one super-slow the other super-fast - were among the world's biggest internet sensations last year.
A woman's epic 30-minute attempt to parallel park her car has reached over a whopping 4.7 million internet hits. It featured at an impressive No 17 on Rude Tube's New Year list of last year's hits.
Dubbed 'The World's Worst Attempt at Parking' the excruciating video was captured by student flatmates from their second floor window in the Holylands area of Belfast last April.
The hilarious clip includes a running commentary and plenty of expletives from the lads behind the camera including Ciaran Shannon and Ciaran Doherty.
"We found it quite funny. I drive myself and have had plenty of problems trying to park cars. That was an exception," said Shannon as their video went viral on YouTube.
The blow-by-blow video takes an even funnier twist when the friends begin to do a Big Brother-style voice-over, quipping "Day Five..."
When the car is finally parked, the students give the bemused driver a huge round of applause.
Meanwhile, an Irish rally driver and co-driver and their expletive-riddled rant at a fellow competitor in front clocked up more than 252,000 internet hits last year.
The ten-minute YouTube video is called "Clare Stages 09 (Patrick Horan/PA Baker) - Nova 1600 catches Subaru" with the air turning increasingly blue as they race to the finish line. The driver gets increasingly frustrated when they encounter a pile-up ahead and have to stop.
The rally clip features at No 65 on the Rude Tube 2014 leage table. Meanwhile, you have to go Stateside to find last year's most viral videos.
A cute baby crying heart-wrenching tears as its mother sings a sad song makes takes the No 2 slot with more than 28 million internet hits. Last year's No 1 top-ranking clip was Virginia-based "invisible" prankster Rahat Hossain. Hossain dupes drive-in cafe workers with his clever car seat disguise which gives the impression and driverless car has pulled up to the drive-in hatch. Hossain spookily motored to over a whopping 37.8 million internet hits last year.
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