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Payment will let people work and still claim rent 19.06.14

A NEW payment that will allow people to work and still claim welfare to pay for rent has been introduced.
The Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) which replaces rent supplement is designed to benefit households that need help with their housing needs but who are afraid to take up work in case they lose the benefit.
"Unlike rent supplement, the new HAP scheme, will allow people to take up full time employment and continue to receive HAP, this is very welcome news," said Minister for Small Business, John Perry T.D.
Under the scheme, the payment, which will be issued by the local authority instead of the Department of Social Protection, will be paid incrementally depending on how much the applicant earns.
“One of the reasons for introducing HAP is to improve the circumstances of the some 40,000 households that have been in receipt of long-term rent supplement payments, so that they can enter into employment, live in accommodation that meets appropriate standards and access other social housing supports, if they so wish, through the transfer list," Mr Perry added. People will also have the option to find their own accommodation and, provided their council is happy that it is up to standard and within the rent limits, people can receive the benefit.
HAP is also designed to make sure that the standards of the accommodation are right and that each landlord is fully compliant.
Housing Minister Jan O'Sullivan added: "HAP tenants can be included on a transfer list from which they can avail of a range of housing options. Where housing becomes available, local authorities will make provision to allocate available units to people on the transfer list.
“This new legislation should be widely welcomed as it will assist working families on low incomes to find suitable accommodation, will help towards increasing housing supply and help to ensure access to good quality accommodation for all who need it."
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