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Are you on the map for superfast broadband? 26.11.14

THE Western Development Commission has welcomed the publication of online maps outlining where next generation broadband will be available across the country.
The WDC said public consultation on the maps was "an important step in ensuring rolling out of next generation broadband to everyone and reducing the digital divide between urban and rural". It said it had been highlighting the need for superfast broadband for years.
“We all know how important quality broadband is for both businesses and consumers. Many parts of the western region are struggling with slow broadband speeds,” said WDC policy analyst Deirdre Frost.
High Speed Broadband Map 2016 - Click Here
The group urged all residents and business owners to examine the map to check that their house or business premises is recorded on the map. It said that once a premises is on the map it ensures that it will be served with next generation broadband, either commercially (coloured blue) or through the planned state funded scheme (coloured amber).
People can check the map here .
The WDC would like to hear from anyone whose business or home is not visible on the map. You can email or call 094 9861441.
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