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GAA should pay-per-view at clubhouses 04.04.14

AN MEP has called on the GAA to fund Sky packages at its local clubhouses so people are not prevented from enjoying their favourite games.
Marian Harkin MEP said the GAA had been sustained by voluntary effort since its foundation and therefore had "a duty of care" to ensure its deal with Sky did not put people at a disadvantage.
She said the GAA should now set up screens in local clubs and pay a Sky subscription for the restricted games.
"Older people in particular who cannot get to games and children who should not be required to go to a pub to view GAA games must be provided with the opportunity to view all televised games", she said.
"The GAA should consider paying the Sky service fee and help to provide an appropriate screen in GAA clubs, in the first instance, or community halls.
"GAA clubs themselves would be very capable of organising transport, if necessary, for people to view games in clubs or community halls. This would avoid a situation where people who do not wish to have Sky service or cannot afford it, are precluded from enjoying GAA games, the development of which many of them contributed so much," added the Independent member of the European Parliament.
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