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Dramatic rescue of six fishermen off Dunree 08.09.14

LOUGH Swilly RNLI were involved in a dramatic four-hour rescue of six fishermen whose boat began to sink off the Inishowen coast in the early hours of this morning.
The volunteer lifeboat crew was requested to launch both their inshore and all-weather lifeboats at 3.15am at the request of Malin Head Coast Guard.
It followed a report that a crab fishing vessel with six men on board was taking on water two miles north of Dunree Head. The Irish Coast Guard helicopter Rescue 118 from Sligo was also tasked. A local fishing boat which was in the area was also ready to offer assistance.
Weather conditions at the time were described as good with a flat calm sea.
Both the Lough Swilly RNLI all-weather lifeboat an inshore vessel went to the rescue of six fishermen off Dunree Head in the early hours of this morning.
Both lifeboats proceeded in the darkness to the scene where upon arrival they spotted a fishing vessel which was lifting badly and rapidly taking on water.
All six crew on the stricken vessel were wearing lifejackets and survival suits and had prepared their life raft for deployment.
Three RNLI crew from the all-weather lifeboat were transferred to the vessel. Using a salvage pump they started to pump water from the boat and continued for over an hour.
Once the boat was stabilised, the lifeboat escorted the vessel safely back to shore at Rathmullun where it arrived at 7am this morning.
Lough Swilly RNLI coxswain Mark Barnett said: ‘The six fishermen deserve to be commended for their quick actions. They called for help once they got into difficultly and had their life raft ready if needed in an emergency. The boat had taken on a considerable amount of water but thankfully our crew was able to assist and avoid the vessel from sinking and assist the men safely back to shore."
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