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Big rise expected in one-teacher schools 10.04.14

THE number of one-teacher schools in the country could jump from eight to as high as 60 from September as a result of Government increases to pupil-teacher thresholds.
Minister for Education Ruairí Quinn confirmed the figures to Fianna Fáil in the Dáil.
Donegal deputy Charlie McConalogue said it was a "direct admission from Minister Quinn about the real impact of his cuts on smaller schools".
"As it stands, 52 two-teacher schools are on course to be downgraded to one teacher schools because their pupil numbers are below the new threshold of 20 required by Minister Quinn to retain two teachers," said the Inishowen TD.
“The minister also confirmed in reply to my questions that 61 three teacher schools have fallen below the new threshold for retaining all of their teachers. This means they have already lost a teacher or are at risk of losing a teacher in the future.
"Similarly, 50 four-teacher schools have been caught by the new pupil teacher ratio and have already been hit with cuts or are on course for future cuts to staffing levels."
The local deputy claimed the figures were "real evidence of the Government’s targeted campaign against small schools".
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