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Average Donegal rent €508 a month 18.11.14

THE average cost of renting a house in Donegal is now €508 a month - a slight rise in past year.
However, the average advertised monthly price is still 21% lower than the 2007 peak, new figures from show.
When combined with Cavan and Monaghan, the Ulster region recorded an average rise of 1.1% in average rents in the twelve months to September. said rents are "largely stable" in Donegal, rising a slight 0.3% in the period.
Meanwhile, nationally, rents are up more than 11% with the national average rent now at €933 compared to €842 in September 2013.
Economist and report author Ronan Lyons said: “In many ways, the lack of available properties to rent is more concerning than the high rental rates, although clearly the two phenomena are inextricably linked.
"The only silver lining is the fact that this quarter was the first time in five years that rent inflation in the capital eased somewhat. However, even if an easing in Dublin inflation continues and stops the affordability crisis from worsening, it does nothing to change the availability crisis.”
He said the number of properties available to rent has "continued to plummet". As of November 1, there were fewer than 5,400 properties to rent nationwide, the lowest figure since May 2007.

City year-on-year average rents:
Dublin: €1,372, up 16.6%
Cork: €897, up 7.9%
Galway: €875, up 7.2%
Limerick: €704, up 6.4%
Waterford: €628, up 4.5%
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