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Average Donegal house price now €115K 06.01.14

DONEGAL is bucking the national property market trend with house prices 7 per cent LOWER in the final quarter of last year compared to the previous year.
The average house price in the county is now €115,000, a whopping 57% below peak levels.
The figures are from's latest report. Spokesman, Kieran Harte said: “The report shows that the areas surrounding Dublin are seeing their prices stabilise before the country’s other city centres. This would lead us to believe that the shortage of available properties in Dublin is not only significantly affecting house prices in the capital, but starting to impact the traditional commuter counties."
The property website said the story of 2013 was "lack of supply in sales, rental and shared accommodation in the capital".
"This lack of accommodation across all sectors has had a major influence in Dublin’s asking prices returning to 2007 percentage increases. The only solution is to begin planning and building new accommodation in the capital which will cater for the demand created by the creation of jobs there," added Mr Harte.
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