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19,185 people unemployed in Donegal 08.04.14

THERE are 19,185 signing on the Live Register for welfare payments in Co Donegal, latest statisics show.
The figure respresents a slight decrease on the 19,526 registered as unemployed at the end of February.
Deputy Charlie McConalogue called the decrease "tiny" and accused the Government of "sleep-walking through the ongoing jobs crisis" in the county.
"The decrease is more than offset by the numbers who have been forced to leave Donegal for work, the numbers who have dropped off the Live Register to engage in education and training and the numbers who have been kicked off the Live Register because their Job Seekers entitlements have expired," said Deputy McConalogue.
It means that we have seen virtually no improvement in the employment situation in Co Donegal. This adds to the strong sense that there is a two-tiered recovery underway in this country.
"While Dublin may be benefiting from some improvements, Donegal and the North West are being left behind.
"There has been a major fall-off in IDA visits to this region over the past three years and little or no focus by this Government in creating jobs in Donegal and the North West region," he added.
The Gleneely-based T.D., said it was "extremely frustrating" for Donegal job seekers to hear the Government praising itself for improvements in the labour market when there is little evidence of any improvements in the county.
I am once again calling on the Government to recognise the extent of the job crisis in the North West and start making a targeted effort to create jobs in this region. We cannot continue to allow a situation where parts of the country experience some economic recovery while other parts, like Donegal, are left behind. Its time that this government made Donegal and the North West region a priority," he said.
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