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Bumper year for NCT tests 08.12.14

A RECORD number of cars have gone through the NCT this year with more vehicles tested in the first eleven months than the whole of 2013.
New figures reveal that 1,262,223 vehicles were tested from January to November compared to 1,170,899 for the whole of last year. This is a rise of 91,324 vehicles, with a full month of testing still to go.
The spike is partly attributed to a rush on NCT centres ahead of this week's introduction of on-the-spot fines and three penalty points for expired or invalid NCT discs.
The rise also continues a trend that saw more drivers holding on to older cars during the recession.
The latest figures from NCT operator, Applus, show that of the 1,262,223 vehicles tested so far this year, more than half, or 648,106 vehicles, failed the test. Some 48%, or 609,575 vehicles, passed first time.
A worrying 4,542 vehicles were slapped with 'fail dangerous' status and could not be driven away from the NCT centre. This is 242 more than for the whole of 2013.
Of the 639,934 vehicles submitted for a retest, 91% passed while almost 9% failed second time around. A total of 770 vehicles were again deemed dangerously un-roadworthy after the retest.
Consistently among the top five failure items each year are faulty front suspension, tyre condition and stop lamps.
However, Irish drivers seem to be heeding the advice on 'headlamp aim', which has not featured in the top five since 2012. Meanwhile, Applus said there is currently "heavy demand" for NCT appointments online. It urged drivers to ring 01 4135992 if the only dates available fall beyond the expiry date of their current disc.
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