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Derry braces itself for bridal wave 03.07.14

HUNDREDS of women from across the north west will wear their old wedding dresses on Saturday to raise money for cancer patients.
The 'Brides Across the Bridge' fundraiser set a Guinness World Record last year when 748 women wearing bridal gowns gathered on the Peace Bridge in Derry.
The women hailed from Derry, Inishowen and across the north west.
The unique charity event is being held again to raise much-needed funds for the local Foyle Hospice.
Women of all ages and cultures, married or single, are being invited to put on a bridal frock and enjoy the "big day". More details at click here .
The record-breaking 'Brides Across the Bridge' event last year. Photo: Brides Across the Bridge Facebook page .
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