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Celestial beauty at Knockamany Bends 16.04.14

INISHOWEN was bathed in the eerie light of a blood moon last night and intrepid photographer Adam Porter was out to snap it.
The Buncrana man's picture shows the moon over Knockamany Bends.
A blood moon is a rare celestial event which happens when the Earth’s shadow falls across the moon.
As Adam eloquently explains: "On the edge of the cliffs overlooking the Five Fingers Strand at Lagg we stood shivering in the sub-zero wind and moonlight.
"The unmovable headlands of the Isle of Doagh, Binnion, Dunaff and Fanad sleep peacefully. Ballyliffin, Glashedy Island and a single point of light from Tory are in view.
"It was the night of the blood moon and it was 3am. It's an odd time of the night - utterly utterly serene and yet the powerful North Atlantic waves were speeding into the mouth of Trawbreaga Bay at full force.
"When the moonlight is like daylight, except cooler and little communities are tucked up in their beds you feel like the last person on earth. A lovely last sight before bed."
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