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Back to school safety message to drivers 26.08.14

DONEGAL motorists have been urged to take extra care on the roads as children go back to school.
The council and Road Safety Working Group’s road safety campaign, seeks to remind all motorists to put child safety first when driving during the school morning and afternoon rush hour.
In 2013, six children lost their lives across the country. So far in 2014 the number of child casualties is thirteen, already exceeding the total number of child deaths in 2013.
“The first week of school is always a very busy time on our roads and I encourage all road users to be mindful that children will again be back making this daily journey,” said road safety officer, Brian O’Donnell.
“Children will be walking, cycling, travelling on buses and being dropped off and picked up in cars, so motorists need to be alert to their safety and exercise the utmost caution."
Drivers are also urged to take extra care at school warden crossings. "In order to carry out their duties effectively they require the co-operation of all road users," said a council spokesperson.
The spokesperson added: "If your child walks or cycles to school, you are advised to take them on the route in advance and make sure they know where they are going. If they travel by car or bus, make sure they know how important it is to keep their seatbelt on at all times and remain seated until the vehicle is parked safely at the drop off point.
Road safety information and resources are available on request from Donegal County Council’s Road Safety Section.
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