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Aurora watchers set for spectacular show 08.01.14

NORTHERN Lights watchers are being advised that 'Ulster is the place to be' in the next two days.
A view of the Aurora Borealis. Photo courtesy: Adam Porter. > View more photos
Photographer Adam Porter said: "NASA has issued a G2 / KP6+ warning for the Aurora Borealis /The Northern Lights from midnight tomorrow night on Wednesday night the 8th into the early morning of Thursday the 9th of January and that night into the early hours on the morning of Friday 10th January 2014 and then a G1 warning thereafter."
Adam added: "A G2 / KP6+ prediction means there's a wonderful chance of seeing a spectacular show of the Northern Lights in North County Donegal, especially Inishowen and the upper reaches of County Derry and County Antrim. The province of Ulster / Uladh is the place to be!"
To view more photos click here .
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