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Wow-rora Borealis in Inishowen 28.02.14

THE Northern Lights are once-again gracing the skies above Inishowen and intrepid local photographers like Adam Porter are out there snapping them up.
Adam's kp6+ photo is from the ruins at Linsfort church, Desertegney, Buncrana late last night.
People across Ireland and and Europe enjoyed a rare glimpse of the Northern Lights last night.
The display is caused when electrons and protons are thrown from the sunís atmosphere and are blown towards the earth by solar winds. Some particles enter the earthís atmosphere and collide with gas particles giving the colourful dancing light displays.
Traditionally the best places to see the lights are near the north pole such as Iceland and Norway but Ireland and particularly northern areas of the country have been enjoying such displays for the past couple of years.
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