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Aran jumper on ice Olympic debut 19.02.14

WE may have no Olympic skaters among our 'rinks' but the Irish seem to be taking over on the ice nonetheless.
First, Chicago skater Jason Brown (19) wowed audiences and went viral last month with his Riverdance on Ice routine at the US figure skating championships.
Now a top Russian skater has taken to the ice at the Winter Olympics in Sochi wearing an ďoutrageousĒ Aran jumper.
Demitri Soloviev (24) ditched the chiffon, glitter and sequins and surprised audiences with the everyday simplicity of a collarless grey Aran-knit sweater paired with plain black trousers.
His blonde-haired partner Ekaterina Bobrova (23) also shunned the sportís signature sparkle at Monday nightís pairs dance final, wearing a plain, flowing little black dress.
Their ice dance routine told of Bobrova's character's descent into madness as she tries to heal her partner from a mental illness. This is only achieved at the expense of her own sanity.
Demitriís Aran sweater on ice featured all the traditional stitches including cable - said to symbolise the fisherman's rope; braiding, believed to represent the interweaving strands of life and the honeycomb stitch Ė signifying luck for a good fishermanís catch.
Demitri Soloviev.
But the Russianís sartorial choice to go for gold in a Gaelic fisherman's jumper didnít win over all commentators.
Writing in 'The Washington Post', Missy Khamvongsa commented: "Russiaís Dmitri Solovievís costume seemed outrageous for its simplicity. The gray cable-knit sweater seemed more suited for a stroll through Olympic Village than in the medal round of competition."
Unfortunately, the luck of the Irish did not help the couple net a medal on the night. They placed in fifth position overall.
US duo Meryl Davis and Charlie White made figure skating history in the competition by becoming the first Americans to win Olympic gold in the ice dance routine.
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