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"Let's get our young back to work" - candidate 29.04.14

INISHOWEN local election candidate Albert Doherty has called for a jobs strategy to tackle Donegal's emigration and unemployment crisis.
The Sinn Fein representative said the local elections on May 23 would be "vitally important" for the county after five years of recession.
“Emigration levels not seen since the 1980s or even the 1950s have returned - scenes the likes of which many of us thought we’d never see again with many families, including my own, having children in the United States, in Canada, in Australia, New Zealand and in England," Mr Doherty told a gathering at the launch of his campaign at Tul na Ri, Carndonagh.
“In my own work as a principal and as a teacher I’ve had the privilege of teaching many hundreds of young people from this community and it is sad to see so many have to leave to find work.
“No plan exists for the replacement of the numerous jobs that have been lost in the construction or related sectors.
“At one point two thirds of the men employed in the Carndonagh area worked in construction yet many in this country are on long lists seeking local authority housing.
Albert Doherty.
Our community too has its unfinished estates."
Mr Doherty's launch meeting was also addressed by Sinn Fein TD for Donegal North East Padraig McLochlainn and youth officer Rachel Coyle from Malin Head.
“For too long this county has been lagging behind others in respect of investment and jobs opportunities," added Mr Doherty. He outlined his local campaign platform and said he is standing for a dual carriageway link from Donegal to Dublin; investment in local health and ambulance services; support for small businesses; an Inishowen tourism plan and an employment project for young people including the retro-fitting of houses to get construction workers back to work.
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