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US surfer gives classic board away 22.08.13

A CALIFORNIAN surfer is seeking a home for a unique wooden surfboard he made to celebrate an upcoming clan gathering in Co Donegal.
'Old-school' surfer Dave Gallagher - who works as a fire-fighter and paramedic - has been making classic 1950s surfboards since stumbling upon a kit for one a number of years ago.
Requests for his boards from surfer friends and strangers on the beach soon turned into a therapeutic sideline from his day job in Southern California.
Dave who is in his early 40s, has now created a board bearing a special Gallagher Clan coat of arms. After using it to surf the waves in his ancestral county next month, he would like to leave it behind as a gift.
“In California it is very common to have surfboards displayed on walls. After I surf it in Ireland, I'd like to leave it there. Is there a Gallagher pub or a cool bar that might be interested in hanging it on a wall? he said
Dave will travel with some friends to the Gallagher Global Gathering running in the Donegal Gaeltacht from September 6 - 15.
Californian surfer, Dave Gallagher, with the handmade board he plans to surf in Co Donegal before leaving it behind as a gift.
Clan chief Adrian Gallagher said he looked forward to hundreds of people attending the event in Gortahork.
“The programme is varied to enable those attending to get a flavour of all aspects of our heritage, from the live language and music to the local history and genealogy while touring rugged west Donegal or simply relaxing with fellow Gallaghers and friends in one of the many event venues," said Mr Gallagher.
Anyone interested in giving Dave's surfboard a home can contact him at www.gallagherwoodsurfboards.com
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