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Nine people die on Donegal roads 10.10.13

NINE people have lost their lives on Donegal roads so far this year out of a national total of 148, new figures show.
The statistics which show an national increase of 17 compared to the same period in 2012, were described as "extremely worrying" by Jim Higgins MEP.
“In (Donegal's) neighbouring border counties, the figure in the Cavan-Monaghan division stands at 10. A further five road deaths have been recorded in Sligo-Leitrim division so far this year," he said.
“Of course, one road death is one too many. To see the overall figures increasing in 2013 is extremely worrying, especially after a successful road safety campaign in Ireland which has resulted in a continuous reduction in fatal road accidents in recent years,” said Mr Higgins, Ireland’s member of the European Parliament Transport Committee.
He said there had been a 56 per cent decrease in road deaths since the beginning of 2007, while the total number of injuries has also been halved.
"In 2002, 376 fatal road accidents occurred on Irish roads. By 2012, that figure was reduced to 161.
"Last year was the safest ever year on Irish roads, thanks to the work of the Road Safety Authority, the Gardai and road users," he said.
Addressing road users specifically, the Fine Gael MEP added: “It is everyone’s responsibility to take care on the roads, slow down and pay attention. The rules of the road, the speed checks and so on are there for your own protection – to save your life and that of your passengers and others.”
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