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Customers to be given choice on receiving Eircom phonebook 07.09.13

IRISH households can for the first time opt out of having the Eircom phonebook delivered to their doors.
Every home in the country currently receives an annual copy of the residential phone directory. However, Eircom says it has listened to customer feedback and has decided to give people the choice of receiving one or not in the future. A leaflet will be included in all new editions telling people how they can opt out.
"About 1.5 million – currently all homes in Republic of Ireland - receive a hard copy of the telephone directory. Our most recent research suggests that most homes do actively use the telephone directory when they wish to look up a number,” said an Eircom spokeswoman.
"However, from this year on, customers will have the option to opt-out from receipt of a hard copy of the telephone directory with the option to opt-in again at any future date.” The Golden Pages, often delivered with the residential book, is not published by Eircom.
Advocates for older people say Eircom’s new opt out system is the best outcome for people who have no access to the internet.
“More and more companies are abandoning traditional leaflets, booklets and paper guides and opting instead to communicate only through their websites," said Age Action head of advocacy and communications, Eamon Timmins.
"This is causing increasing hardship for older people as firms are often unaware that more than 70 per cent of over-65s in Ireland are not online.
"The Eircom phonebook is an important source of information for the majority of older people who do not use computers or may not be online. Nothing should be done to change the practice of providing a phonebook to each customer unless the customer opts out of this arrangement," added Mr Timmins. See www.phonebookoptout.ie .
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