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Buncrana pays respects to Nelson Mandela 19.12.13

BOOKS of condolence in memory of the late Nelson Mandela will be available to sign in Buncrana for the next three weeks.
The Mayor, Cllr Peter McLaughlin, said it was "a great honour" for him as first citizen of the seaside town to pay his respects to "one of the greatest statesmen of the last century".
“Mr Mandela was a great leader and international statesman who brought together the people of his country, the African continent and the leaders of the world.
"He was an inspiration to many people both in his native South Africa and across the world," said Cllr McLaughlin.
Mayor of Buncrana, Cllr Peter McLaughlin, signs a book of condolence for the late Nelson Mandela.
"As Lincoln and Kennedy are remembered by the generations in which they lived and have their place in history, so Mandela will be remembered by the present generation and in the history books of the future.
"It is only fitting that the people of Buncrana should have the opportunity to pay their own respects to this most remarkable man," added the Fine Gael councillor.
The books of condolence will be available at the Civic Offices, St Oran's Road, from December 16 - January 10, 2014 between 9am and 5pm. One will also be available during office hours at Buncrana Credit Union.
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