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"Inspiring" Keely squares up to obesity 08.07.13

AN INISHOWEN woman has beaten the killer trio diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol in a matter of months after shedding over THREE stone in weight.
Keely Beresford (35) has been allowed to come off all her tablets after slimming down from 14 stone to 10 stone 10lb and falling.
The petite community centre worker’s weight had crept up and she’d hardly even noticed.
"I've been chubby my whole life but I was active and did martial arts and thought I was quite healthy. I didn't realise I was actually obese with quite a lot of serious health problems as a result," said Keely.
She was immediately put on tablets last September to lower her blood pressure while diabetes and cholesterol medication followed soon after.
But 5' 1" Keely, who lives in Carrowmenagh with her beagle dog Amber, knew she had to square up to her obesity.
"I was diagnosed with diabetes on the Monday and I walked into the local Slimming World class on Wednesday," added Keely, who works part-time at Carrowmenagh Community Centre.
Keely Beresford (35) from Carrowmenagh pictured at 14 stone last year, left, and now, having dropped over three stone in weight.
Prior to her lifestyle overhaul, London-born Keely would skip breakfast and lunch and "nibble all day" on large bags of crisps, sweets and savoury treats. Dinner was a full-fat curry or calorie-rich pasta dish.
Now she eats a breakfast of porridge and fruit while lunch is a salad or sandwich and dinner a curry or pasta meal with reduced fat sauce. She can eat anything she wants “in moderation”, takes regular walks with Amber and enjoys the camaraderie of her weekly Slimming World session.
To her amazement she was allowed come off her blood pressure tablets in early January – just three months into her weight-loss regime. But she was “completely stunned” five weeks ago when her "very surprised" GP told her she could also ditch her two daily diabetes pills. She is proud she is now able to control her diabetes through diet alone. And, while it’s also at normal levels, she chooses to stay on a cholesterol-busting tablet because of a family history of heart disease.
“Weight-loss for me was never about looks, it was all about my health. I was probably living with diabetes for some time without knowing it.
“I am determined to keep my weight down because I don’t want to end up having to inject myself with insulin every day and I certainly don’t want to go blind to diabetes – that would be my worst nightmare.”
Meanwhile, her Slimming World consultant in Moville, Martha Ward, credits Keely with inspiring others. “She doesn’t mind sharing how she has managed to make the changes necessary to get the weight off,” she said.
Keely added: "I would like people to know that if they are obese and are worried they’ve permanently damaged their health, they can get better in a short time if they make changes. It doesn't have to be a death sentence."
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