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Anti-austerity campaigner to run in local elections 13.11.13

BUNCRANA man Joe Murphy has this evening declared that he will run in the local elections in Inishowen next May under the People Before Profit Alliance banner.
The well known Donegal Action Against Austerity (DAA) campaigner said his running for a seat on Donegal County Council would give voters "an alternative, united voice".
"The people of Donegal are ready for change and want to move away from tired old political rhetoric to a truly representative voice of the ordinary man and woman in Donegal, regardless of age, gender, race or colour," he said.
"People Before Profit Alliance gives me an opportunity to operate as part of a rapidly growing national network as an alternative to the established austerity parties that donít really care about the plight of the vulnerable and the poor in the country.
"This alliance gives me the ability to have a local voice at national level. My first allegiance is and always will be to the principles of DAAA. People Before Profit does not have a party whip system, as in other parties,
Joe Murphy.
and their elected candidates are open to immediate re-call should they not represent the best interests of their local members.Ē
He said he could not "stand by any longer and watch the devastation of our local communities in Donegal through imposed poverty on our elderly and the forced emigration of our youth".
He said he would put the people of Donegal "first".
"The interests of the people of Donegal will come first with us, long before the interests of super-wealthy bondholders, banks and large corporations. The Fine Gael/Labour government has made a big mistake in awakening the fire within the belly of Donegal people," he added.
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