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Roads to be gritted in your area 04.12.13

Donegal County Council has launched a new Interactive Winter Roads Gritting map.
The map provides motorists and road users with up to date information on routes to be gritted and basic statistics on the length of roads to be gritted on a given night.
To view Donegal Interactive Winter Roads Gritting map - click here .
It also allows users to turn on and off different map layers and provides links to weather cameras to view live conditions. It also shows the locations of public sand and grit and provides details of the winter maintenance service routes. The local authority has included an hourly forecast feed for most areas in the county so that the users can check their local forecast for the next 12-24 hours.
Daragh McDonough, GIS Manager with Donegal County Council said: "We have been working with our colleagues in our Roads Service to make sure that road users can access as much relevant information as they need to make safe driving decisions during the winter months”.
With the weather set to get colder of over the weekend, Mayor of Donegal Cllr Ian McGarvey encouraged the public check out the new interactive map. It is available at www.donegalcoco.ie .
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