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Famous gold hoard to go on display 15.11.13

ONE of Ireland's most historic collections of ornamental gold - the Broighter Hoard - will go on show shortly at Derry's Tower Museum.
Ploughed up in 1896 near Broighter, Limavady, by two local farmers, the people of the North West will now have the opportunity to see the unique treasure trove free of charge courtesy of the National Museum.
Mayor of Derry Cllr Martin Reilly said: "This exhibition will allow the public to view the incredible ornate artefacts of gold as well as hear the story of the region’s deep archaeological and human connection to the pieces."
Some of the pieces that form part of the stunning Iron Age Broighter Hoard that is set to go on public display in Derry.
The famous hoard includes jewellery, a 7-inch-long gold boat and a gold torc and bowl.
The gold ship has featured as a motif on the last Irish one punt coins.
Tower Museum curator Roisin Doherty added: “The Broighter Hoard is a magnificent collection of gold objects dating back to the Iron Age, as far back as 1st Century BC. The exhibition allows the public...to learn of the intrigue surrounding the circumstances of its discovery and the idea that the gold may have been an offering to the ancient Celtic gods."
The Broighter Hoard is currently back home in Limavady where the exhibition is now on display in the town's Roe Valley Arts and Cultural Centre until November 23.
It will then be taken to to the Tower Museum for display from November 27 - December 8. Daily opening times for the Tower Museum are from 10am-5.00pm (Late night opening until 9pm on Thurs 28th Nov, Fri 29th Nov, Thurs 5th Dec & Fri 6th Dec). Admission is free. The arrival of the Broighter Hoard exhibition in Derry will be accompanied by a day of free family arts and crafts activity on Saturday 30th November and 7th December 2013 at the Tower Museum. For further information contact the Tower Museum.
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