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Quitting success for Donegal smokers 05.11.13

HALF of Donegal smokers have not taken a "single puff" of a cigarette since their last appointment with a free HSE quitting service.
A new survey of 135 smokers in the county shows that 6 per cent of respondents admitted smoking "just a few puffs" since their last appointment with the Donegal Smoking Cessation Service.
A further 12 per cent reported smoking 1-5 cigarettes with more than a quarter (27 per cent) saying they had smoked "more than five cigarettes" since their last appointment.
Eighty per cent of respondents said they were either “satisfied” or "very satisfied” with the support they received to quit smoking.
Meanwhile, the majority (92 per cent) said they would recommend the service to other smokers.
Smoking cessation advisor, Fiona Boyle, said the HSE was "very satisfied" with the results of the survey and had already taken on board the recommendations.
"Tobacco addiction is a chronic relapsing disease so we are delighted that the majority of clients would be happy to return to the service as relapse is a normal part of dealing with any behaviour change."
One client described the free service as "fantastic".
"They were non-judgemental and felt like a friend rather than a professional person - made me feel very welcome." Another added: “Satisfied with service in every way only sorry that I didn't use it earlier."
The Donegal Smoking Cessation Service is a free and confidential service provided by the HSE in hospital and community settings throughout the county.
The service is also available to the general public as well as health service patients and staff.
It offers intensive one-to-one support to help a client quit smoking. Follow-up support, either by phone or in person, is provided for the next year, or longer if required. This follow up contact is made weekly or fortnightly for the first three months, and subsequently every month for the rest of the year. Clients can self-refer or be referred by any health professional. On admission to hospitals, patients who use tobacco are offered smoking cessation support throughout their stay, with further support available after they are discharged from hospital. You can contact the Donegal Smoking Cessation Service on 087 2514790 or visit www.quit.ie .
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