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Donegal has lowest disposable income 22.05.13

DONEGAL has officially the lowest disposable income per person in the country while the border region has the lowest rate of employment, according to a new CSO report today.
The Regional Quality of Life in Ireland, 2013 report shows that Dublin has the highest disposable income with the next lowest income after Donegal being in Offaly and Monaghan.
The report reveals that nearly four out of ten people in the border region have a medical card and no private health insurance compared with less than a quarter in Dublin.
It also shows that counties along the west coast and Wexford have more than one in five dwellings vacant while only 5 per cent are vacant in South Dublin. The highest average property prices in 2011 for both new and second hand dwellings were in Dublin while the lowest were in Waterford. Half of dwellings in Longford have broadband access to the Internet compared with nearly three quarters of Dublin dwellings.
Approximately one in five people in Galway City were not Irish, the report finds, compared to 8 per cent in Donegal.
The smallest primary school average class size is in Roscommon while the largest is in Fingal. The highest rate of car ownership is in North Tipperary while the lowest rate is in Limerick City. Meanwhile, over half of the Blue Flag beaches are in Donegal, Kerry, Mayo and Cork.
Disposable income per person in the Dublin region, at 21,515, was 11% above the national average in 2010. All other regions were below the national average with the Midland region 11% below, at just 17,133. At county level, disposable income per person was lowest in Donegal at 83% of the national average, or 16,106, followed by Offaly (16,168) and Monaghan (16,303). Over three-quarters of workers were employed in the Services sector in 2012 while the Dublin region had the highest rate at 89%. The Midlands and South-East (23%) had the highest percentages of workers in the Industry sector. The employment rate in 2012 was highest in Dublin at 62% and lowest in the border region at 52%, the report found. The South-East, at 19%, recorded the highest unemployment rate while the lowest was in Dublin, at 12%.
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