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2,100 Donegal families need housing 03.04.13

SOME 2,100 families are currently waiting to be housed in Co Donegal, new figures show.
The figures from Clúid Housing Association show that housing associations are increasingly taking a central role in meeting housing need due to the recession.
Housing associations are independent not-for-profit organisations that provide affordable housing for people from local authority housing waiting lists.
Clúid head of policy, Simon Brooke told Inishowen News: “Where local authorities delivered social housing in the past, future demand will be met through housing associations like Clúid. A key reason for this is that capital spending has been cut dramatically, and housing associations can access debt finance to fund social housing provision.
“Innovation will be key to future growth as new housing procurement routes are established and developed.”
Clúid is one of the largest housing associations in Ireland, currently delivering 3,664 homes to low income families and single people, older people, people with a disability and Traveller families all over Ireland. It says the Government’s Housing Policy Statement, published in June 2011 placed housing associations "at the heart of the Government’s vision for social housing provision".
“The housing association sector is undergoing a massive change. Housing provided by housing associations is no longer 100% funded by the government. In fact capital spending on the provision of social housing in Ireland was cut by a huge 72% between 2008 and 2012. So to make the best use of the very limited government funding available we are now sourcing alternative funding through new sources," Mr Brooke added.
He said Clúid recently procured housing through leasing schemes.
“There is a significant amount of new, unoccupied housing left over from the previously buoyant property market around the country. This provides an opportunity for housing associations to get involved in long term leasing, in turn providing housing to those in need.
“There are also local authority owned unsold affordable housing, originally built for sale by local authorities as affordable homes to people who could not afford to buy on the open market. Due to the downturn, some of these properties could no longer be sold. These can be made available to housing associations to house people in need."
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