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511 houses built in Donegal 04.02.13

A total of 511 houses were built in Donegal in 2012, new figures show. This was a drop of 16% on the previous year.
The year before, there were 611 houses built in Donegal but that number fell by 100 units during the following 12 months.
Meanwhile, 8,488 houses were built in Ireland last year, according to the new stats.
CIF director general Tom Parlon said: “2012 was a very difficult year for the house building industry throughout the country, although there are signs of increased activity in some areas.
“We are hearing about work beginning on a number of new or housing developments or an expansion of existing projects so that may lead to an increase in completions for the latter half of 2013.
"But overall the low commencement rate for 2012 has led us to forecast another drop in housing units built during the coming year."
Mr Parlon said house building had reached "unsustainable" levels during the boom but the industry had since gone through six successive years of decline.
"The ESRI estimates that this country requires 15,000 – 20,000 new homes to be built each year but we are significantly below that figure.
“However there are some positive indicators which should start to impact on the sector soon. The commencement figures detail an increase in new builds in urban areas. This tallies with the increased demand for residential property in these areas which has been highlighted by the various property market commentators and estate agents.
“The banks have also promised to increase the level of mortgages during the coming 12 months. If that funding is provided it should help stimulate the industry and lead to further demand, particularly in the urban areas where there are low levels of vacant housing stock as detailed in the latest National Housing Development Survey,” added Mr Parlon.
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